High School Students: Get Yourself Out There and Enjoy To The Fullest

The time when you are a high school student is also the time when you get the most influence in your life. We invite motivated students to the camp where they can step outside their everyday business, meet new diverse groups of people, and think in ways they haven’t before.

Mitsuki Tanigaki, Participant


"I used to lack confidence when talking in front of other people. But in the five days, I was able to meet contemporaries, expose myself, utilize the opportunity to share ambitions, and ultimately got a hint how to transform myself. TOKIHA is just a beginning of transformation."

Daiki Urakawa, Participant


"When TOKIHA ended, I felt that I am a different person. We learned things that are more precious than what you learn on desks. Before, I thought I was less competent in English, so I was kind of running away from it. So I needed a lot of courage to participate in TOKIHA. But when I did, I felt much joy in communicating with foreigners in English with just a little bit of courage."

Nurturing confidence in English through conversations, discussions, and expressions.


Sharing ideas with people who gathered from two different places, California and Fukuoka.


Through inspiring workshops, learn to put thoughts into actions and take on challenges for future goals.