What is TOKIHA?

TOKIHA is a global educational initiative embodying the new methodology to liberate people from rigidity.

We started in 2015 as an experimental summer camp project in Japan with the aim to introduce an alternative educational opportunity to high school students in the peripheral parts. In the past year, we have expanded to multiple camp locations and have had a number of college students, high school students, and impact supporters to contribute in searching of our collaborative direction.

Onto our third year, we are expanding our roadmap to make a larger impact. At core of our approach, we are empowering people to cultivate the self-sprung vitality, and stirring up multi-perspective dialogues among them as prequels to the real-world conversations. Now we are establishing as an educational corporation to create impact not just through summer camps, but through various projects yielding more people to live in the present, while sustaining the valuable impact.

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Our Projects


How can we create the space of collaboration and introspection? We hold camps in the peripheral parts of Japan, in pursuit to answer this question. No year is the same for camps; every year, we reimagine the ideal summer camp from scratch with the chosen 20 counselors from UC Berkeley, Stanford, UC Davis, UCLA, and so on.


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Since 2016, TOKIHA has hosted three camps and has been the home of over 150 campers and 50 counselors.

2016 August 17-21, Fukuoka

2017 August 1-5, Tsukuba

2017 August 16-20, Fukuoka