How is A summer camp a "liberation?"

People often assume that change is incredibly difficult. But we are hoping that all the participants grow, without realizing, at their own pace. When they do realize how much they have changed, they are liberated from that initial assumption.


TOKIHA Camps are spaces of self-discovery where people reflect on their past experiences, perspectives, and even identities. A weeklong program in an enclosed environment creates an opportunity for 50 campers and 20 counselors to share new ideas, to rethink the surrounding norms, and to enliven this once-in-a-lifetime summer camp.

Along the way, we inspire the high school students, known as “campers,” to step out of their comfort zones, to spark their motivation to chase a dream, and to grasp a little bit of courage even for something as seemingly simple as asking a question. We aim to empower them to express themselves and their ideas in ways that traditional systems do not allow.

For college students, known as “counselors,” this is a chance to exercise their potentials as educators, mentors, and peers in a unique, two-way learning experience. Every year we repurpose the camp from ground-up, and together create a deck of original workshops. These interactive workshops encompass many different perspectives and fields of interest, leaving rewarding experiences to themselves and enjoyable takeaways for participants.

The camps, which are entirely run in English, are conducted by counselors who keep a close-knit "family" of 6 campers per 3 counselors. These families engage in team bonding activities and then join back together as a group to participate in workshops, guest speaker presentations, and valuable moments during campfires, night walks, and free interactions.

Camp Locations

Mito House of Youths, Ibaraki Prefecture

Only 40 min away from Tokyo, Tsukuba is the hybrid city of research and abundant nature. The campsite, located in the vast outskirts of the city on the Kanto Plain, provides the space of reflection and possibility.

Miura YMCA Global Eco Village


2018 Camps

Two locations, 50 campers and 25 counselors

We are holding two camps this year in Ibaraki and Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan. We will invite 50 campers and 25 counselors from the pool of applicants. TOKIHA is planning to expand so that we can accommodate more people, more dialogues, more liberating moments!


Program Length Expansion

In 2016 and 2017, we had 5-Day program which was found to be too short for counselors and campers to fully mingle and empower each other. So this year, we are going to expand our program to 7 days to fully accomplish our aim for the camps.

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