Our Purpose

How can we create a new educational experience that vitalizes people by equipping them with more imagination rather than burdening them with more knowledge? How can we design it to be more empathic and flexible to the needs?

Our purpose is not to challenge or to revolutionize the current system, but to empower people to become more enhanced for the current world needs. In the world that faces more uncertainties than ever, individuals predictably encounter the internal challenges regarding, for example, confidence and self-actualization, as well as the external challenges regarding, for example, school and career.

The name of our organization “TOKIHA” comes from a Japanese word “Tokihanatsu 解き放つ” meaning to unleash, free, or liberate. What constrains each person is different and personal to the individual; however, the feeling of being freed from those rigidities is universal. TOKIHA creates the space where we can share this feeling and build together the experimental ways that the individuals’ challenges can be addressed.

Our Vision


In the multiplicity of the changing world, we recognize that the desire for liberation can be found universally among all cultures and groups. This desire can even carry beyond summer camps.

For now, we are starting small. We are focusing on Japan and its cultural and societal framework. We are working, as digital nomads in Berkeley and Japan, with the Japanese local junior high and high school students and the current environment that surrounds them. With two camps in place, we are planning to expand to a few more locations while sustaining the quality of the program.

Our Team